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Remote Support IT.

Empower your IT team with live and unattended remote support capability.

Consider some of the many ways assist Remote Support services can benefit your business.

For IT Managers

Your whole company depends on you to keep IT services up and running. That’s why you’re always looking for new ways to deliver fast, dependable support, increase productivity and reduce IT costs – without jeopardizing network security.

Remote assist can help you:

    Solve more problems in less time.
    Support remote users around the globe.
    Service computers (and servers) even when workers are away from their desks.
    Administer teams of technicians, assigning access rights.

For IT Consultants and Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

The faster you can connect to a customer, the faster you can resolve the issue and move on to the next challenge. You need a dependable remote support tool fast enough to keep up with your growing client base. You need a tool that will let you demonstrate your value and the need for the quality IT services that only you can provide.

Remote assist can help you:

    Rise above the competition with faster, more professional service.
    Quickly deliver live support to clients in need.
    Support clients even when they are away from their computers.
    Access unattended servers and computers for maintenance and updates.
    Reduce travel time and boost productivity.
    Increase revenue by selling “retained” support services.

For Software Consultants

Give your clients the “hands-on” support they need, while reducing or even eliminating travel and related costs. Use Remote Support to help train customers on your software or resolve issues after hours when they are away from their machines.

Remote assist can help you:

    Troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues for clients.
    Audit the health and performance of machines where your software is deployed.
    Provide ad-hoc training on your software via screen sharing.
    Transfer patches and software through file and folder sharing.
    Sell additional support services.


1) Administration Oracle 10,11.

2) Administration MS SQL Server.

3) Administration Mysql.

4) Administration Postgresql.

Operation systems.

1) Linux - Red Hat,Oracle Linux,Suse,Ubuntu.

2) Unix - IBM AIX,

3) Windows without domain.


1) Config simple TCP/IP net.

2) Config security servers - firewall,OpenVPN.

3) Routing.


1) Remote Install , config minitoring servsers - via ILO (Integrated Lights-Out from HP).